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To what extent is the loan service flexible? Real Estate Financing: Everything about the Financing Types Real estate financing is a form of financing whose purpose is already conceptually defined and thus only associated with the acquisition of real estate. The property type is not fixed. Despite a secured income, you should always agree on the right to a possible withdrawal from the loan agreement and record it in writing. You want to take a loan with free use and lend on your own?

Building loans can be used for these installations.

Building loans can be used for these installations.

The building loan in Austria often makes it possible to fulfill your own dream home. In fact, mortgage rates have been below 6% for a very long time. This level of interest rates has not been reached for nearly 20 years, which is why it is questionable, especially with the currently very low interest rates, whether this upper limit will be decisive for a credit decision.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that this limit exists and the borrower thus receives financing security. In any case, it makes sense to consider building loans and mortgage loans for real estate financing. Our loan comparison also includes all Austrian housing associations and the comparison of conditions.

It should be carefully considered whether a loan with a fixed interest rate should not be concluded instead of a home loan. The fixed rate loan offers the highest level of collateral and is very easy to calculate. The very low level of interest rates illustrates the fact that mortgages are often no longer covered by mortgage loans because of their lower limit.

Reduce your financial burdens or pay off a loan

Reduce your financial burdens or pay off a loan

In the meantime, it must be carefully examined whether a mortgage loan should not be converted into a classic home loan and thus a high interest savings. With a rescheduling, you can immediately and permanently reduce your financial burdens or pay off a loan amount more quickly. Your own apartment should give you lasting pleasure and generate value.

However, it is particularly important to us not to first plan the home, the new home or the purchase of a condominium, but to first carefully examine the funding options. It is crucial to set the level of funding that you can easily finance over a longer timeframe.

Invalidity due to illness, accident or even death of a debtor can be an important issue for those involved in lending. Financing is usually under the premise that the borrower is able to work and work. But it is best to contact our financial experts immediately after the calculations in our loan comparison or in the loan calculator.

Get comprehensive advice on your loan financing. We are pleased to inform you about the advantages of a variable-rate loan, the fixed-interest loan and the difference to building society savings.

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