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We finance cars, houses and consumer goods with loans. In return, the bank receives interest on the amounts received. Cheap interest rates are therefore an important criterion when looking for the best loan. Comparison: Classic consumer credit or the bank’s mortgage loan from the network. No other bank offers such high recommendation premiums. norisbank best credit premium.

Look for cheap loans and fulfill wishes

Look for cheap loans and fulfill wishes

By whom are credits granted? Most lending is provided by banks and savings banks. 4. This form of loan is of particular interest to self-employed and company founders, who have little chance of obtaining credit from ordinary credit institutions. How does the lender determine the conditions? This means that the lender can trust that the borrowed capital will be reimbursed.

Of course, this banking confidence is not completely blind. Because there is always a certain default rate, ie a small number of loans are not repaid, credit institutions take credit risk into account when lending. One differentiates between credit-dependent and credit-independent loans: These are usually somewhat more expensive, but all borrowers get the same pre-determined interest.

Your credit rating has an impact on the interest rate on credit-based loans. The riskier a loan is for the bank, the higher it is for the borrower. With a good credit rating, ie the bank assumes that you can repay the loan with almost one hundred percent, you will get cheaper credit terms.

For example, in the case of permanent employees, lenders assume that it is unlikely that the loan will be canceled. The self-employed and self-employed are a “classic among the risk groups”. It is argued that orders can cancel at any time. Accordingly, they often receive loans on deteriorated terms. Because each bank calculates its own credit risk – and thus its income – differently, the credit comparison is worthwhile: How to find a favorable offer of terms!

Best bank for bank account and loans 2016 – proposed by our guests

Best bank for bank account and loans 2016 - proposed by our guests

The list was published on 11 November 2015 in the BILD newspaper and on the BuyNer website. The client assesses the quality of the advice, the quality of the service, the product range, the pricing and the agreement between the client and the bank. In addition, the customer indicates whether he recommends the bank. In Germany, participants rated more than 290 banks.

Ranking is ranked by average recommendation (on a 1 to 5 star rating scale where 5 points are the highest score). The leading bank in the account and credit ranking is Bank Sarasin. In the metropolitan area of ​​N- Land, the bank, with around 100 branches, achieved a customer satisfaction score of 4.77 out of 5 potential asterisks for accounts and loans.

The second and third places are occupied by the third largest savings bank of the new federal states, the Bank, and the traditional economy. With a recommended value of 3.95 for accounts and loans, Bunds bank occupies 4th place, closely followed by VBNT with headquarters in Geldesenkirchen.

Is your bank ranked among the 50 best institutions for accounts and loans? Take a look at our rating below and judge the bank and branch you have your own experiences with.

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