Couture has become really mainstream this season. Inspired by celebrities and Instagram style stars, edgy two-piece suits and jackets have replaced summer dresses as the hottest outfits around.

And the craze should continue as fall approaches. Gear up for summer and beyond with three of couture’s biggest trends, according to fashion experts …

1. Short suits

“Short suits, for me, exude quiet confidence,” says Mija Knezevic, stylist and brand strategist. “You look tidy and stylish without being too over the top. “

For an elegant take on the trend, she recommends pairing a two-piece suit with a silk shirt, to give “an impression of sophistication and prestige.” In this case, a pair of stylish black, nude or white flats would suit the occasion.

For a more casual look, try “sneakers and a loose blouse.” A patterned cropped suit would stand out with a pair of chunky white sneakers and a graphic tee tucked under the blazer.

(Kaleidoscope / PA)

Kaleidoscope Boyfriend Style Blazer, White Woven Camisole, Boyfriend Style Shorts, Blue Square Toe Lace Up Shoes

(Pretty Little Thing / PA)

Pretty Little Thing Stone Tailored Suit Woven Blazer, Stone Suit Short

(Abercrombie & Fitch / PA)

Abercrombie & Fitch Single Breasted Blazer, Tailored Shorts

(River Island / PA)

River Island Petite Black Check Blazer, Black Petite Check Shorts

2. Bright and bold

“Highly saturated colors are a must-have dopamine hit that represents fun, joy and liveliness,” says stylist Roberta Lee, who currently works with sustainable clothing platform Dayrize.

“Personally, I like to see more color – after almost two years of a life of confinement, color has been a huge mood booster for my wardrobe. In fact, I would go so far as to say it saved my life – keep it going for a long time! “

There are no rules when it comes to choosing bright bespoke pieces, the trend spans everything from blazers and tailored dresses to pants and shorts. Lee says, “Explore what’s missing in your wardrobe, because now is the time to invest – those bright bursts of color won’t stay long. “

(Missguide / PA)

Missguided Tall Green Wrap Front Blazer

(Freemans / PA)

Fitted pink blazer Star by Julien Macdonald

(I saw it first / PA)

Long blue military blazer I Saw It First, premium slightly faded mom jeans

3. Oversized pieces

“Fall / Winter for women focuses on tailoring that plays with angular silhouettes, while keeping comfort in mind,” says Lee, which is why loose, relaxed fits are a key trend.

Knezevic says: “Oversized blazers are a new and innovative interpretation of the classic tailored fit blazer. You can use the blazer as a dress and place a belt at the waist to create a nice shape line on the garment. Biker shorts, as well as leggings, would be a good way to dress up the garment.

You can also play with the proportions by teaming wide pants with a fitted top, or opt for a loose suit from head to toe.

(Mango / PA)

Mango patterned suit blazer, button down suit waistcoat, pleated dress pants, leather loafers

(Misspap / PA)

Oversized Misspap Premium Tailored Tie Cuff Fuchsia Blazer, Premium Tailored Tie Cuff Fuchsia Pants

(monsoon / AP)

Monsoon Wendy Wide Leg Pants Natural

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