It’s far too late to do the right thing about the Trump administration, but some people are taking the morality bus. One of those people is Betsy DeVos, the US Secretary of Education – and the laughing stock of Trump’s cabinet since the first day.

On Thursday, the representative of the Christian and Republican government (aka a triple threat in Washington DC) sent a letter of resignation to President Trump, presumably to protest against the insurrection at the Capitol last week, which she deemed “unreasonable”.

“We should recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments of your administration on behalf of the American people. Instead, we need to clean up the mess caused by the violent protesters invading the United States Capitol in an attempt to undermine the affairs of the people, ”she said. “Awesome kids are watching all of this and they are learning from us. I believe we each have a moral obligation to exercise good judgment and model the behavior we hope they would emulate. “

It’s cute how she thinks Trump can actually read. We’re surprised that she knows how great words like “impressionable” are.

Sorry to tell you, Betsy, but kids don’t talk to AF about you. And apparently, you haven’t paid attention to the polyscience class that is our daily life for the past four years, because if you really cared about children, you never would have taken a stand under Trump in the first place. Resigning 13 days before Trump’s term ends isn’t exactly courageous. In fact, many claim you are only doing it to avoid weighing down on calls for Trump’s (second) impeachment under the 25th Amendment.

Not that DeVos did a lot of damage during his tenure. In fact, his legacy could very well be so little accomplished. She was successful in diverting money from public schools and giving it to private and religious schools instead, mocked the free lunch program (which feeds 22 million American children a year), suggested that there should be guns in schools (but only to fight grizzly bears), defended corrupt colleges, and ridiculed herself with that classic tweet that showed how out of touch she was with the struggling public school system. (We couldn’t resist including the best clapback.)

Government officials on both sides of the aisle are calling her the worst education secretary the country has ever seen. (At least we can all get together on it.) In other words: we won’t miss her. As the president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, summed it up: “Good riddance. “

Cover photo: Alex Wong / Staff (Getty Images)


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