Bridgewater launches Rising Fellows program to help increase diversity in the investment industry


The new program will provide freshmen from diverse backgrounds with an early introduction to financial services and exposure to industry opportunities through the firm’s strong customer base

WESTPORT, Conn., December 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bridgewater Associates (“Bridgewater“), a global leader in institutional portfolio management and the world’s largest hedge fund, today announced the launch of a new Stock market up program to broaden access to the financial services industry for first-year college students and help build a more diverse pool of future investment talent.

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Bridgewater The Rising Fellows program will be a three-week virtual program and will focus on recruiting students from underrepresented backgrounds in industry and from a wide range of universities, including HBCUs, as well as through the through diverse recruitment partners such as Out for Undergrad (O4U), BLK Capital Management and Prep for Prep. The program is designed around several core principles to give students full exposure and experience, including:

“As we continue to explore ways to make our industry more diverse and accessible, the Rising Fellows program will help build new relationships and begin nurturing future stars in their freshman year of college,” said Alain Bowserco-head of the Americas region and head of diversity at Bridgewater. “By leveraging our unique network of clients in tandem with DEI-focused organizations and universities, we believe Rising Fellows will be a driving force in helping us achieve this goal.”

In addition to building relationships with BridgewaterRising Fellows will earn a stipend for their time in the program and have the chance to bond with Bridgewater clients, many of whom share the goal of increasing diversity in the investment industry. Graduates will be considered for future opportunities at Bridgewaterwhile their CVs and projects will also be packaged and shared with Bridgewater clients and alumni to access a wider range of potential roles.

“Diversity of thought, background and identity is extremely important to the work we do, however, as an industry, we often seek to address the DEI issue in the post-graduate talent pool at instead of educating students about our industry while they are just charting their academic paths,” said Robyn Berger, head of corporate engagement at Bridgewater Associates. “Through our Rising Fellows program, we seek to change that not only by committing to giving participants strong industry exposure early in their academic careers, but also by maintaining engagement with these emerging professionals after they have completed the program.”

The first Rising Fellows program will include approximately 30 students and will run from monday 14 februaryand at Friday March 4and. Planned activities include:

  • Week 1: To give students an overview of the financial sector and the role Bridgewater plays within it, while focusing on skills such as presentation and public speaking

  • Week 2: Explore economic theory and trends, with an emphasis on how they are reflected in current market cycles and their impact on investment strategies – students will also receive training in project management, research and in writing

  • Week 3: Focusing on final projects, where students will apply their learnings from the program to an investment-related module that will be reviewed by Bridgewater frames

Upon completion of the program, fellows will continue to have a series of touchpoints with Bridgewater designed to maintain their relationship with the company and provide them with support throughout their training and early career. This will include invitations to a variety of existing events Bridgewater events and lecture series. In addition, Bridgewater will organize tailored sessions led by leaders to provide advice on various topics, such as gaining experience in the investment industry and other career-related topics. Students can also participate in Bridgewater Immersion program (the aim of which is to provide an even deeper window into our company) in the second year and interview for the internship program in the first year.

About Bridgewater Associates

Bridgewater Associates is a global leader in institutional portfolio management and the world’s largest hedge fund. Focused on understanding how global markets and economies work by having the deepest possible understanding of the global economy and financial markets, the firm translates this understanding into expertly constructed portfolios and meaningful relationships with institutional clients. Having built a track record of success for over 45 years, Bridgewater’s excellence is founded on its distinctive culture, which brings great people together and enables them to operate in a culture of radical truth and radical transparency. In recognition of the firm’s commitment to excellence, its clients and the scale of its impact on the investment industry, Bridgewater has received more than 70 industry awards over the past 10 past years, including recognitions for innovation, performance, research quality, customer satisfaction, and being a great place to work. Fortune named it the fifth largest private company in the United States.

Headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, Bridgewater manages approximately $150 billion in assets for the world’s largest and most sophisticated institutional investors, including public and corporate pension funds, university endowments, charitable foundations , supranational agencies, foreign governments and central banks. For more information, please visit

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