CHICO – It was a fairly routine July 4th night for the Chico fire and police departments. Although the fireworks were a major concern, according to several services, there was nothing wrong.

Due to fire and safety risks, fireworks are prohibited within the city limits of Chico. However, a milder variety of fireworks labeled “Safe and Sane” is sold in Oroville and Gridley.

Butte County Fire Prevention Captain Jacob Gilliam said it was a standard Independence Day without any major incidents.

“From experience we’ve had our normal complaints and several small fires throughout the day that really didn’t get bigger,” said Gilliam. “Our biggest fire (Sunday) was half an acre. We had several small fires because of the fireworks last night, but these were pretty much brought under control by the people who started them. “

Despite the lockdown, Gilliam said 911 had been called and the agency responded. He also added that there had been a minor fire in Gridley where fireworks are legal but details about it have not yet been released.

“As far as the fireworks go, it was a typical routine on July 4th,” said Gilliam. “No major fireworks incidents so it’s a good deal.”

The Chico Fire Department also had a relatively normal night, according to Battalion Commander Jim Lucanic. Firefighters spent the night without any calls regarding fireworks-related incidents, Lucanic said. Last year, the department launched five fireworks-related appeals during the holidays, including a wildfire and a house fire triggered by fireworks.

Lucanic added that the department had participated in a few county-wide calls, but when it came to the holidays, the resort was relatively quiet.

From the perspective of the Chico Police Department, the department responded to the usual July 4 complaint calls throughout the night. According to the ministry, officers were sent to 46 fireworks complaint calls. However, apparently no calls were made requiring assistance from the surrounding firefighters or paramedics.

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