MADISON CO., Mississippi (WLBT) – Two Madison County MPs call on the community to help build a home for a fellow officer seriously injured in the line of duty.

September 5, 2019 was life changing as Deputy Sheriff Brad Sullivan knew.

Sullivan was shot twice in the head while pursuing a kidnapping suspect.

The lawsuit left the father of two paralyzed on his left side.

“It was very moving to be there to see him lying in a bed,” said Deputy Sheriff Dwayne Moak.

“The bullets, obviously guided by God, went through his skull and did not kill him,” Lt. Joey Butler added.

After extensive surgeries, medical treatment, and extensive rehabilitation, Sullivan now needs a wheelchair to get around and needs an ADA-compliant home.

“It’s the hardest adjustment that is getting used to the life situation and needing help,” said Brad Sullivan.

Colleagues and friends of officers ask the community to help build “a house for a hero”.

“This is going to be an expensive project,” noted Moak. “Not only have the cost of building materials skyrocketed, everything in Brad’s house will have to be customized, which will increase expenses. It is therefore important that we reach as many people as possible. “

“To have things that you and I take for granted, just being able to take care of yourself, still be proud of yourself or move around, if he can get that back, that’s monumental,” Butler said.

The act of kindness already has some community support, but men say more is needed.

This isn’t the first time Sullivan has faced gunfire. In February 2016, Sullivan carried out a traffic stop during which the suspect fled and shot him. Sullivan didn’t back down, and he pursued the suspect and retaliated. This suspect was arrested and declared a violent repeat offender.

Find out how you can help build “a house for a hero” here.

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