Black vinyl pants? To verify. Vinyl ankle boots? Also check. A crisp look on the shoulder as you get patted on the street? Uh maybe not.

But who can say that you won’t feel like you are being chased by paparazzi when you are this good looking.

Keep scrolling to see our matches for pants and boots.

vinyl leggings


Shop these Tall Vinyl Leggings for $ 19 at Boohoo here.

ankle boots


Buy these pointy block heel sock boots from Boohoo for $ 35 here.

gossip Girl


Who doesn’t love an oversized cardigan moment? There’s just something so cozy about it – it’s a total winter dream.

Plus, pair it with stylish boots and it’s an instant catwalk moment.

Scroll down to see our combinations for the cardigan and boots.

white cardigan


Shop Missguided’s White Belted Oversized Balloon Sleeve Knit Cardigan for $ 30.99 here.



Shop Missguided’s black faux leather block heel sock boots for $ 53.99 here.

gossip girl orange dress


Now ladies and gentlemen this is what we call a to see.

I mean, forget about a black mini dress for your next night out because orange is definitely the new black.

Such an elegant and effortless look, you just have to let the dress do the talking.

So, scroll down for our match for the dress.

orange dress

Pretty little thing

Shop Pretty Little Thing’s neon orange sequin bodycon dress for $ 45 here.

gossip Girl


Winter is definitely here, and what better staple to have in your wardrobe than the classic trench coat.

It goes with just about anything and everything, and is a must-have if you ask us.

So, scroll down to see our match-up.

trench coat

Pretty little thing

Shop the Pretty Little Thing Petite Stone Woven Oversized Trench Coat for $ 71 here.

gossip Girl


Sometimes an outfit is all about the shoes, and this is the perfect example of such a case.

You can wear just about anything, but pair it with eye-catching shoes? You will have an ultimate outfit on your hands.

So, scroll down for our match-up for these awesome brown boots.

brown suede boots

The iconic

Shop The Iconic’s Rae Boots for $ 89.99 here.

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