Listen, Nintendo, we gotta talk about Animal crossing: new horizons.

Do you remember Animal Crossing: New Horizons, right? This game you released in March 2020 in the midst of the first wave of global lockdowns due to covid-19. The world flocked to the virtual island hopping escape with friends because we couldn’t see anyone in person.

You have given us hope after a year of constant flow of updates, mostly related to seasonal events and holiday season. But now we have a few questions. Where are the updates, eh, Nintendo? Holidays have always been included in previous games from the start, and now we’re supposed to be thankful to Daddy Nintendo for another Bunny Day? I do not think so. I’ve been waiting all year for a surprise at E3, which, to be honest, is my mistake for hope. But they were and now those hopes are dashed.

New Horizons was a huge success, easily surpassing other entries in the franchise and ranking as one of the best-selling Switch titles overall.

But the honeymoon period is over. At launch, many players, including myself, were simultaneously excited about new features like terraforming and outdoor item placement, while being disappointed that essentials like vacations and certain characters were nowhere to be found.

And a year later, a lot is still missing, especially for those who know the previous ones Animal crossing Games. Brewster and his cafe are missing, Resetti has been relegated to the rescue, the gyroids are missing, and Kapp’n and his island family haven’t shown up once despite New Horizons which takes place between different islands. Nook’s Cranny’s main store only has one early-game upgrade despite each of the older games featuring multiple changes with increasing requirements to unlock. People, again myself, are still hoping for a number of quality of life improvements, like bulk manufacturing or removing supplies straight from storage.

Players were able to acquire new villagers and items with the Sanrio amiibo pack, but this required an additional purchase, and many packs quickly ran out. The latest free update repeated the events and articles of May 1, International Museum Day, and wedding season.

And while next year means far more than we’ve seen before, it might not be enough. The crown jewel of the game of 2020 is not foolproof, and Nintendo is probably about to learn it firsthand. Especially now that I can leave my house.

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