Since ultrasound imaging doesn’t always detect the disease, finding other ways to diagnose it can be helpful for future research and prevention.

These results could “allow the development of an innovative, non-invasive and more reproducible method to detect the presence of inflammation in RA”, according to the study.

A possible limitation of these results is the small sample size, but according to the study, “the researchers are convinced that even if a larger sample size were to be included, the results would still remain the same.”

Keep in mind that this study does not encourage you to leave your winter gloves at home. The intentional production of heat for heat is different from the natural heat generated in patients with inflammatory symptoms. But, if you start to notice irregular amounts of heat in your hands or other joints, consider asking your doctor about the possible link to rheumatoid arthritis.

Being aware of the likelihood of developing the disease can encourage people to take preventative measures, such as eating a anti-inflammatory diet Where avoid exercises linked to inflammation. If you already have rheumatoid arthritis, heal your gut could help reduce pain.

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