Manchester City’s season may have ended with heartache, but there is still much to be proud of.

Pep Guardiola guided his side to an unlikely Premier League title, galloping in the end, another Carabao Cup victory and the club’s first-ever Champions League final.

It was all done against the backdrop of a global pandemic, a short preseason and a relentless campaign, with games going quickly for nine consecutive months.

For all of their accomplishments this season, City have been overwhelmingly rewarded with hundreds of millions of pounds in cash prizes. While the money doesn’t do much to stem disappointment in Saturday’s loss to Chelsea, it certainly shouldn’t be sniffed before a crucial transfer window.

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The Premier League has not released official cash prize figures for this season, but journalist Nick Harris estimated what clubs will have earned for the campaign using data available from previous years.

After the discounts, all 20 clubs had their share of a £ 2.5bn pot with the Blues claiming the lion’s share.

City are estimated to have pocketed £ 161.7million this season, minus around £ 7.8million in offsets, leaving them with £ 153.9million.

The Carabao Cup is a small fry by comparison, with the winners receiving around £ 100,000, but City’s run in the Champions League has also helped to boost the cases.

According to Goal, City alone raised £ 13million to advance to the final in Porto, but missed another £ 3million by losing and failing to qualify for the UEFA Super Cup.

However, their total competition prize was much higher as cash prizes are awarded in each round of the competition based on performance.

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Advancing to the group stage this season, all 32 clubs received £ 13.1million, while a first round win brought in £ 2.3million and a draw £ 780,000, according to the most recent figures.

Each advanced round of City’s past has earned them more awards and in total the club have pocketed around £ 64.6million from European competition this summer.

This brings their estimated total income for the campaign to £ 218.6million.

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