How to get a personal loan without a bank account?


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Payday loans are among the easiest methods to accumulate money quickly, but not all applicants qualify. One of the biggest problems could be the lack of a proper bank account. Nevertheless, there is still a way to get a payday loan without a bank account with simple steps to follow.

Don’t worry, since we at payday loans at AdvanceSOS strive to bring you all details of payday loans without bank account.

We have also explained to you the steps necessary for the realization of the personal loan, as well as the types of offers suitable for users without a bank account. One of the main complications that could arise is the misconception of the purpose of the bank account for payday loans.

Since this type of loan requires a reliable source of income and financial situation, there are several ways to do it. Using these methods will not get you into the gray area of ​​saving and payday loans.

Rather, it will make the difference in your favor by giving you the option of taking out a loan without a bank account. So, to make sure you have all the details of the loan, let’s go!

What makes the bank account essential for payday loans?

There is one thing that is certain about payday lenders – they will almost always ask for bank account details. We can’t help it, since the bank account has several functions vis-à-vis the lenders:

  • It proves that you have a stable cash flow

  • Confirms the legitimacy of your loan request

  • Provides an overview of the credit risk situation

Although all of these aspects seem closely relevant to loan appraisal, there are other ways to verify these points. You can use the remaining financial instruments outside the bank account to get your payday loan.

What you need to do to get a payday loan without a bank account is show your seriousness and mature financial management. The options are many; to give a deposit advance in the form of valuables or to use the checking account.

Either way, we’ll go into the basic details of all the methods so you can finally break through the missing bank account barrier!

Best ways to get a loan without a bank account

It is not easy to get a personal loan without a bank account, most lenders verify bank details first. However, a small portion of loan providers are happy to review applicants who apply with the following methods:

  1. Try to find a cash-only payday loan – It can be difficult to find a cash-only option to claim your payday loan. Even so, there are loan providers who are willing to work with such clients who do not have a bank account. You can get a payday loan without a cash advance bank account, but the lender can verify the reliability and security of your other financial instruments.

  2. Open a checking account – One of the ways to persuade lenders to approve your payday loan is to prove to them your financial liquidity. Since you want to show that not having a bank account does not prevent you from having funds available to you, a checking account is a valuable indicator. Having this account also increases the means to provide the lender regarding your payday.

  3. Provide assurance to the lender – As you look for ways to get a payday loan without a bank account, you’re dealing with only one thesis – can you prove you’re reliable to a lender? To guarantee a positive response, you should take a look at loan providers who accept insurance. In most cases, you simply deposit your valuables with the lender as collateral. After using the loan and successfully returning it, the insurance will be returned to you.

  4. Make a prepaid card deal with the lender – Not the best quality option, but one of the ways to get a payday loan without a bank account is through a prepaid card. These cards can be provided by the service provider and the value of the loan is deposited on the card and left with the user. However, not all lenders will agree to this method, as it involves mutual trust.

Consequences of personal loans without a bank account

One thing to keep in mind when using the following methods is the potential jump in interest. It’s one thing to use payday loans with all the essentials, but that’s a whole other area without a bank account.

For example, interest rates can jump over the roof if you are accepted without a bank account. Let’s say you apply in Miami, Oklahoma, where Cash Loans Near is located. In our state, the interest rate on payday loans is around 200%.

Nevertheless, the rate can climb without a bank account and it is difficult to know the limit. Remember that some states include an interest rate of up to 700%, so beware.

Also, visiting the government site that publishes payday loan regulations is a great matter of precaution. Like Oklahoma loan regulations may differ from other states, be sure to read carefully.

Fastest ways to get a loan without a bank account

Of course, there are other ways to get a loan without having a bank account. Still, the payday loan requirements mentioned above should be enough to get you a hassle-free payday loan.

On the other hand, direct loans and pawnbrokers can be a bit more effective when you don’t have a bank account. The interest and difficult methods of finding a payday loan without a bank account may seem tedious, but it’s worth a try because you can only profit from it.


While it’s hard to get a payday loan without a bank account, it’s also convenient to have a variety of options. A bank account is essential for regular payday loans, but it can be exceeded with the mentioned methods.

Hopefully, this guide can help you find the best deals on payday loans without having this crucial element. Just keep the listed steps in mind and carefully review the terms to get your loan in no time!

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