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Sex toys and anything related to business are still very taboo in our society.

While important topics like menstruation and sanitary pads have gained traction on social media and among millennials in recent years, some things about sex and sexuality remain a secret. Sex shops are one of them.

But now a Goan businessman has taken a bold step to end this taboo by opening India’s very first legal sex shop in Calangute.

Kama Gizmos, as the name suggests, is a sex toys and wellness products store in Goa. It also happens to be the country’s first official sex shop that launched on February 14, according to a report from

The store was established after two competing sex product retailers – Kamakart and Gizomoswala – came together for a partnership.

It is a business that could actually see rapid growth as the sale of sex toys in India during the lockdown phase in 2020 saw an increase of 65%. But despite the growing demands, there are still only a handful of websites that sell sex toys. As for all the shady shops, they all operate illegally.

But not Kama Gizmos, which is located along a heavily populated stretch of Calangute. The store sells a wide variety of sex toys and products such as viagra type sprays, fancy condoms, gels, vibrators, harness pumps, etc. A customer is allowed to physically check the products before purchasing them.

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But unlike the sex shop images that circulate on social media or those seen on TV, this one has a rather slick, departmental store feel, with no neon signs or dimly lit dungeons. Interestingly, the store doesn’t present any nudity or obscenity of any kind to its customers and looks more like a medical store.

“We didn’t do it on purpose or as a dark underground dungeon like most stores like this one overseas are,” Nirav Mehta, Kama Gizoms co-founder, told

“We modeled it as a medical store, while all of our [legal] the certificates are on the wall. We are doing this to avoid any political reaction, ”he added.

Mehta believes that sex shops and products governed by Indian laws are in a “gray space”, which is why he has decided that the packaging of products at Kama Gizmos will not contain nudity.

“This law is in the gray space, but basically you can sell any [sex] produced as long as it is not obscene. We deliberately chose toys and products with packaging that did not contain nudity or show women in a humiliating manner, so that it did not violate any obscenity laws, ”Mehta said.

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