Make no mistake, Jesinta Franklin knows her place.

Former Miss Universe Australia turned entrepreneur is the first to recognize her privilege and immense responsibility to raise her two children – Tullulah, 17 months, and Rocky, four months – with her husband, AFL star Lance ” Buddy “Franklin for being a proud native people.

“Obviously I’m being guided by Buddy, but I took the initiative to educate myself so that I can be the best mom for our First Nations babies and the best ally I can be,” says Jesinta, that appears on the cover of Marie Claire with Tullulah and Rocky, dressed in a design from the collective of indigenous fashion label MAARA. “I feel like I have a great responsibility to ensure that my children can connect to the culture and can continue to share their stories and be the storytellers of the next generation.”

Photograph by Georges Antoni. Styling by Nicole Bonython-Hines

While not wanting to speak on behalf of indigenous peoples or speak over their voices, Jesinta, who turns 30 next month, says she wants to use her platform to raise awareness and call for action towards real reconciliation. “I know I’m not always going to say the right thing, but we can’t let the fear of asking the wrong questions keep us from having conversations,” says Jesinta, acknowledging that she is seeking advice from community members. native before speaking. on issues they are passionate about, such as the incarceration of Indigenous youth and the recognition of First Nations members in the constitution. “We said we’re sorry, but now we have to back it up with action. I don’t know if reconciliation can be achieved, but moving forward we need to commit to healing. ”

Sharing the hope of a bright future for Tullulah or “Lulu”, whom she describes as a ray of sunshine, and Rocky, who was named after the nickname given to her in the womb, the model Entrepreneurial asserts that the values ​​of resilience and integrity are intrinsic to how she and Buddy parent. “We’re trying to get Lulu and Rocky to be resilient and stand up for themselves,” Jesinta says. “It’s heartbreaking to know that they will face prejudice and racism at some point in their lives – it’s not about if, it’s about when – but they will know that kind of behavior is not correct. ”


Photograph by Georges Antoni. Styling by Nicole Bonython-Hines

Despite the “chaotic circus” of juggling two babies, Jesinta says being a parent has made her appreciate her husband even more: “Buddy has always been caring, gentle, patient and cheeky and having children emphasized. these qualities. Seeing him with the children made me fall in love with him again.

She adds: “My children have already taught me so much. I’m just grateful that we have two healthy and happy children who are part of the oldest culture in the world. I feel lucky to be their mom.

For the full story, pick up the August issue of Marie Claire Australia, on newsstands July 15.


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