welcome to mbg moves! In 2020, we’re training more than ever at home, and we know our readers are too. To help keep your fitness routine fresh, we’re releasing a new home workout every Monday, to start your week strong. Each month will feature routines from a different amazing trainer that we love. Now let’s get moving with our first trainer projector: CJ Frogozo.

Look, I got it: it’s hard to find time to exercise in a very busy schedule. In addition to working as an instructor at The drop of salt and Class, I also have a full time job as vice president of public relations and community for Thinx. So yes, sometimes finding the time to squeeze into my own workouts can be a major challenge.

This is one of the reasons I created this effective workout for mbg moves series. It’s only four exercises and eight minutes, making it the perfect solution for those busy days.

This routine consists of making your heart beat, for a cardiovascular training exercises. I also incorporated a few glute-focused moves for a little extra booty burn. Are you ready to sweat? Try this quick sequence.

Your 4 week challenge: This workout is part 2 of my month-long series (see my 8 minute lower body explosion for the first installment). I challenge you to keep doing more movement sessions every week (keep an eye out for a new workout every Monday), so by the end of the month you are doing my 8 workouts. minutes three to four times a week. Trust me; I think you will feel a lot better in your body.

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