This Premier League season has brought many surprises and a lot of incredible performances. Out of the lot mentioned in this article, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Wolves and Crystal Palace, they brought us some of the best moments of this season.

Normally 11th place, 12th place, 13th place and 14th place would be very disappointing finishes, but not so much for three of the four clubs mentioned in this post.

The only club that has found life difficult this last term were Wolves following the loss of their most important player. For Aston Villa, who struggled with relegation in the 2019/2020 campaign, it was a successful race in its own right.

For Newcastle, on the other hand, it seemed like it was time to leave the Premier League and be demoted. But thanks to a few late heroics in their last round of matches, they released some brilliant displays, which saw them perform well.

Crystal Palace has seen a campaign filled with some really dark moments and some really promising ones. Kind of like the rise of a promising youngster while calling the curtain on an era.

From one of the weirdest seasons in the Premier League, we’ve picked the top performing player from each team and explain why the individual is named their respective team’s MVP.

Here we take a look at the top performing outfielder from Aston Villa, Newcastle, Wolves and Crystal Palace – their MVPs for the 2020/21 race.

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