Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is seriously upping its cruise vacation stakes as it prepares to welcome a new class of luxury ships to its fleet.

Norwegian Prima will debut in 2022, with glamorous features including some of the company’s largest cabins, infinity pools, an ocean promenade with glass decks over the waters below, a garden of outdoor sculptures, an outdoor market for gourmets and 117 glamor. suites in an upgraded “Haven” offer.

She will be the first of SIX new Prima-class ships for the brand – and so far we’ve had a teaser thanks to the artist’s impressions.

Harry Sommer of NCL, Chairman and CEO, and Eamonn Ferrin, Vice President and General Manager UK / Ireland / Middle East / Africa, spoke exclusively to the Mirror about some of their favorite highlights on the new ship – and what exactly it takes to launch a luxury offer in the midst of a pandemic.

The strengths of the ship

Infinity pools and luxurious amenities await

For Sommer, a key change in cruise vacation is that “p People don’t go on ships to be in, they go on ships to be near the sea. ”Therefore, his first choice of Prima’s features are the two glass decks of the Oceanwalk. . He told the Mirror: ” These will provide guests with breathtaking views that will make them feel like they are walking in the air over water.

“Plus, I’m looking forward to the infinity pools. Swimming in a pool while gazing at the ocean will be a wonderful experience. I can’t wait for our customers to come on board and experience it for themselves.

One of the outdoor spaces of the Norwegian cruise ship prima (rendered image)
The ship has loads of outdoor spaces

Other highlights will include the lobby, an outdoor sculpture garden with works of art valued at over $ 2 million (approx. around £ 1.4million).

For Ferrin, the swimming pools will surely be a success. He said: ” I think another crowd favorite will be Infinity Beach, which will feature two infinity pools, one located on either side of the ship and close to the ocean surface. This is a first industrial design that allows swimming pool enthusiasts to enjoy the vastness of the ocean while soaking in the open air. “

Huge cabins and more outdoor space

Sommer has revealed that Norwegian Prima will have 36% more space than its competitors and offer the largest interior, ocean-view and balcony cabins in the NCL fleet.

There will be a whopping 13 categories of suites on offer for guests, including 107 Haven suites which will be at the back, with private elevators reserved for guests, access to a dedicated infinity pool and many other public spaces.

A view of the stern of Norwegian Prima (rendered)
The ship is already setting records

Ferrin added that the ship “will offer the most exterior deck space of any new cruise ship,” which includes “more total pool deck space than any other vessel in our fleet.”

As for guests who want to make the most of the space? He explains, “We developed our Ocean Boulevard, which is 44,000 square feet long and wraps around the entire deck. This allows guests to walk around the entire ship and enjoy stunning ocean views while having the choice of participating in many exceptional outdoor activities.

Which people book

People swim in an infinity pool aboard the ship Norwegian Prima (render)
People swimming in an infinity pool on Norwegian Prima

According to Ferrin, the ship has already proven itself to cruise enthusiasts. He revealed: “N orwegian Prima is without a doubt one of the most exciting changes for NCL. I am happy to share that the vessel has set the best booking day and the best initial booking week for one of our new build sales in our 54 year history.

“Norwegian Bliss, which debuted in 2018 and previously boasted of our biggest booking day when it was unveiled, has now been edged out by Norwegian Prima, who doubled the previous record. A truly exciting time for us. . “

As for where do people book vacations?

Sommer revealed that Greece is one of the top destinations of choice for European customers. He explained: “Cruises to the Greek island are certainly popular. In fact, Greece is the most popular destination for customers in Europe. The first Greek crossings on our return to sailing in 2021 are sold out and others are going well too ”.

Ferrin added that the cruise line expects “vacationers to invest in bucket list travel in the years to come,” and Norwegian Prima is poised to meet that demand with transatlantic sailing of 11 days between the United States and Iceland, with options for the British to sail to Southampton and include stopovers in Norway.

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