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At the moment Verishop is 10% off a ton of items in her sexual wellness shop with code Fall SALE. While 10% isn’t the most impressive deal, the discount includes products from some of our favorite modern sexual wellness brands you’ve probably heard us brag about before.

Unfortunately, these brands rarely have sales, so if you’re looking to grab Lady’s Seamless Finger Vibrator this we have recommended before, or Maude’s organic lubricant loaded in a sleek and stylish bottle, now is the time.

You will also find offers on LELO’s best-selling couples vibrations and Easy-to-use vibrators from Smile Makers with massage candles, sexy silk bondage sets, natural latex condoms and more.


Lady End vibrator


Maude Shine organic lubricant


TOR ™ 2 Torque Vibrating Ring


Maude Burn massage candle


Lady Eva II hands-free vibrator

Shop the whole sale here.

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