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[QD revision: We have amended an error in the original version of the roundup, published on 14 January. The table displaying December’s worst performers in total return NAV terms, using figures sourced from Morningstar, incorrectly listed Augmentum Fintech’s return as (4.1%). Augmentum’s last published NAV, on 2 December 2020, was to 30 September, so there was no change in NAV over December.]


The median total return on investment company stock prices in December was 4.4% (the average was 5.1%), down from 9.2% last month. During 2020, median yields rose 2.7%, to complete a remarkable turnaround, after declining (23.5%) in the first quarter of 2020.

Best performing sectors in December

Please refer to the “appendix” section for a complete list of industry specific performance. Readers interested in the latest industry news can click here to access our Economic and Policy Brief.

Worst performing sectors in December

On the positive side:

Geiger Counter benefited from a strong rebound in uranium prices in December, while the presence of CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income and BlackRock World Mining reflected the broader rebound in energy markets, where positive developments of vaccines and a period of relative weakness in the dollar were catalysts. It has been a good month for several UK trusts focused on small businesses, especially those focused on smaller businesses, run by Miton UK Microcap, JPMorgan Smaller Companies, BlackRock Smaller Companies, River and Mercantile UK Micro Cap.

Likewise, the growth capital sector has proven to be popular, benefiting Chrysalis Investments (formerly Merian Chrysalis) and Schroder UK Public Private. Elsewhere, Herald, with its stable of largely tech-focused small-cap stocks based in the UK and US, also had a good month.

Negative side:

The drop in shares of Augmentum Fintech represented a slight bump in an otherwise exceptional year for the disruptive financial sector investment fund. Its shares rose 30.8% over the calendar year.

It has been a difficult year for KKV Secured Loan as its shares have fallen since late September following the Read our guide to Boards and Directors

" class="glossary_term">advice has announced its intention to come forward with proposals for a managed liquidation. JPEL Private Equity was the second worst price performance, although we note that it started the year well. This was led by its stake in the American financial guarantees insurance company, MBIA.

Discounts and bonuses

More expensive compared to NAV:

Chrysalis Investments has been the top performer in the growth capital industry, with total net asset value and market returns for the calendar of 41.9% and 52.8% more than twice that of Schiehallion. Electra Private Equity has had a proposed liquidation approved and hopes to finalize the sale of its TGI Fridays and Hotter Shoes assets by the end of the year. The RTW Venture life sciences fund’s rating change was determined by price, with the speed at which COVID vaccines were developed shedding new light on how quickly medicine can be developed, as well as the myriad of ‘opportunities in areas such as genetic medicine.

Cheaper compared to NAV:

The widening of the KKV Secured Loan discount has been discussed above. Elsewhere, Impax Environmental premium reduced after price action failed to keep pace with the increase in net asset value in December. However, the fund is growing and is among the best placed to access the theme of green energies.

Money coming in and going out

The money comes in:

Greencoat Renewables raised € 125 million in an oversubscribed placement. Elsewhere, fundraising was led by Smithson, Edinburgh Worldwide, Monks and Worldwide Healthcare.

Money out:

Gulf Investment deposited 44% of its issued securities share capital while JPEL Private Equity carried out a compulsory buyback. Scottish Mortgage, Oakley Capital and Witan were other notable repayers of capital.

Highlights and views of QuotedData in December

Wallet evolutions:

Company news:

Managers and fees:

Real estate news:

QuotedData views:


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