Anthony Patterson: 10/10

Making several top-notch saves to deny Palace the opportunity to score. Thought his distribution of the ball and his control of his zone were excellent. He certainly did himself a lot of favor with the presence of the first team coach and senior management.

Brandon Taylor: 7/10

Has been tested several times, but thought he was doing very well defensively. He probably struggled to make an impact in the future, but that’s understandable considering he’s not blessed with pace.

Kenton Richardson: 7/10

He has always seemed involved and deserves to be recognized for his performance outside of his position – very confident and rarely put a foot wrong. You can tell he has senior experience.

Sam Wilding: 7/10

I worked really hard and everything is simple.

Younger Oliver: 9/10

He loves to defend. Seemed to be absolutely everywhere when we needed him – big clearances and headers to keep Palace at bay. Young man well done!

Patrick Almond: 8/10

Like Younger, I thought he was excellent. Looked comfortable on the ball too. Made the best tackle of the game in the first half to deny Palace a certain goal. One to watch.

Josh Hawkes: 8/10

Was the focus of everything we did well in the final third. It’s great to see him squeeze and chase the ball too, showing that his game isn’t just about scoring and creating goals.

Jake Hackett: 7/10

Meticulous performance without standing out too much. Grafted his socks.

Will Harris: 8/10

Drew a lot of praise from Mark Bright on the reviews for his performance. Appropriate display of target man – held the ball well and brought others into play.

Dan Neil: 8/10

Breath of fresh air. The way he advances with the ball is nice. Was very unlucky not to score a goal in the first half when their keeper turned his shining head as he looked destined for the top corner.

Ciaran Dunne: 7/10

Thought he did pretty well and floated some nifty crosses in the box.

Ellis Taylor: 7/10

Likewise when he replaced Dunne – worked hard across the board as Palace took advantage of most of the ball in the second half. Gutted that it was his kick that cost us the game – he didn’t deserve that.

Ryan Wombwell: 7/10

Entered directly and involved. Some big tackles and interceptions in extra time.

Man of the match

Anthony Patterson. Incredible performance.

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