Prince Harry “abandoned an old friend for criticizing Meghan Markle”, according to the book

  • Finding Freedom claims Harry was shocked by friends’ reception of Meghan
  • Books claim he fell out with the inner circle because of “the slightest hint of prejudice”
  • Prince Harry cut old male friend who had chatted about Meghan

The Duke of Sussex was so ‘glowing’ with rage at the racist abuse Meghan Markle received after their relationship was made public that he ditched an old friend for chatting about him, according to an explosive new biography.

Harry was shocked by the reception given to his new girlfriend by her social circle and the general public, according to the book Finding Freedom.

He was particularly concerned about “the ugliness of racism … both unconscious and intentional”.

However, his fiery statement condemning the remarks sparked tensions with his own father.

His outing coincided with Prince Charles’ tour of the Middle East, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall having arrived in Bahrain to meet the king of the country Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa.

It was a critical moment that had been in the works for months and a statement from Kensington Palace condemning the press while confirming that Harry’s new girlfriend would virtually eliminate coverage of Prince Charles’ tour.

Despite this, the palace decided to go ahead with the statement, largely written by Harry himself.

Her father only learned of the statement 20 minutes before it was published and, unsurprisingly, she quickly dominated the news cycle.

The Duke of Sussex has let down an old friend who made negative remarks about Meghan Markle shortly after the couple’s relationship began in 2016, according to the new book

Prince Charles and his team remained crushed and disappointed, although Charles also understood the intervention was necessary.

However, the episode only served to prove that Harry felt the need to prioritize the woman he loved over duty to the royal family.

Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote: “Harry, sensitive to the slightest prejudice, has had an impact within his own circle.”

Questions about the new relationship led him to wonder, “Is it a matter of race?” Is it snobbery?

Things came to a head with an old male friend of the prince who “spent an afternoon chatting about Meghan”.

The writers say: “Word got back to Harry and the Prince immediately cut it off.”

The book offers no clue as to the friend’s identity.

Social media became hell for Meghan shortly after their relationship went public, with trolls posting racist messages calling her a ‘n *****’ or a ‘pooch’.

The horrific messages left Harry furious, with Meghan’s experience serving as a sort of introduction to racism for the prince.

Dealing with this left him willing to cut off old friends if he believed they were showing any signs of prejudice against Meghan.

It has already been reported that the Duke’s friendship with several members of his former inner circle cooled or ended completely after his meeting with Meghan.

Things came to a head with an old male friend of the prince who 'spent an afternoon chatting about Meghan'.  The writers say:

Things came to a head with an old male friend of the prince who “spent an afternoon chatting about Meghan”. Writers say: ‘Word got back to Harry and the prince immediately cut it off’

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