Last Sunday, Fall of the Titans fans who have had enough Fall of the Titans hackers hacked Apex Legends. This was a misguided attempt to bring the issue to the attention of the developers at Respawn Entertainment.

See, Fall of the Titans became infested with many malicious hackers and the fans felt that there was no other recourse. Respawn Entertainment not being able to resolve the issue, Fall of the Titans hacked fans Apex Legends in the hope that it will force the hand of the developers to do something. However, we have described this as a misguided attempt as these hacks have gone nowhere so far.

Ryan Rigney, Communications Director of Respawn Entertainment showed up on Twitter earlier today, saying the hacks didn’t add any value.

Long story short, Respawn has already acknowledged the hacking issues that Fall of the Titans games have known. Before the attack, Respawn had recognized the problem a week before, with their first recognition being in place since last May. Respawn was not happy with the way Fall of the Titans fans took action, Rigney’s tone in his tweets hiding no displeasure. “No one wants to hear developers complain when DDoS attacks are still an issue we haven’t solved. But this article is correct, ”tweets Rigney, referring to a article from The player. “I was holding my newborn nephew when I discovered the Apex hack. I had to return it, go to work and miss a day with the family.

Rigney also reports that awareness is not the problem. the Fall of the Titans the team is aware of the hacking problem, it’s just that the solution isn’t that easy to find. “The team has never stopped working on DDoS solutions, and anti-cheating is just a never-ending war of punches. “

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