If you dread the sound of your alarm clock every morning or just need a quieter alternative, a silent alarm clock is a great option. The best silent awakenings emit vibrations or light to wake you up without too loud noises. They are also available in portable or tabletop designs, depending on the type of alarm they are using.

In portable and tabletop designs, silent alarm clocks typically include common clock features like digital displays and easy-to-read snooze buttons, as well as audible alarm settings in case you want that option. More expensive silent awakenings Sometimes include additional features like touch screens, dimmable displays, USB ports for charging your devices while you sleep, radio features, smartphone connectivity, colorful night lights, and even sleep tracking features. Some even offer backup batteries, allowing them to operate normally and save your memory settings in the event of a power failure.

To help you refine your search, think about what silent wake-up type you think this would work the best for you. If you are a big sleeper, a vibrating silent alarm clock – which is usually worn on your wrist or placed under your pillow or mattress – can literally wake you from your sleep. Alternatively, if you prefer something more subtle, consider a model that uses light to mimic the sunrise. Or, if you’re shopping for a little one, consider a kid-friendly silent alarm clock that has multi-colored lights.

here is the best silent awakenings you can find on Amazon, from a pocket-sized and user-friendly find to a tech-savvy choice with cell phone charging capabilities.

1. The best silent alarm clock under $ 20

Alarm type: Vibrant

The Compact Shake-N-Wake clock under $ 20 and offers both vibrating and audible alarm options. Wear it around your wrist or place it under your pillow at night, or clip it to your belt buckle with the included clip to use it for alarms and daytime reminders. Activate the LCD backlight with the push of a button to read the time even more easily, even in the dark. To snooze your alarm, simply press the “Start / Stop” button. Although the AAA battery required is not included, you can easily buy online.

Promising Amazon review: “It’s a great silent alarm. I wake up early to exercise and don’t want to wake my wife or 10 month old daughter. It gets the job done and considering the size and price it is at, it’s a steal.

2. The best silent alarm clock that uses light

Alarm type: Light

Philips SmartSleep wake-up light gradually wakes you up with a light that mimics a sunrise. Use touch controls to adjust your settings and tap the clock face to snooze the alarm. Bonus features include an FM radio and 20 different brightness options ranging from shades of orange and yellow to white. Plug the light into the included power cord and you’re good to go. (The silent option is just one setting – you can also choose from five soothing, nature-inspired alarm sounds.)

Promising Amazon review: “I have had it for 4 years now, and the light is still so strong (I will use it for hours a day). I put the alarm on silent and just used the light to wake me up. It’s a must now. Waking up (especially on dark winter mornings) is so much easier with this thing. Much less shocking. Your body feels like it woke up naturally, not like it was surprised by a loud alarm.

3. The Best silent alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Alarm type: Vibrant

This table alarm clock comes with a round shaped shaker that you can slip under your pillow, or even under your mattress. According to one reviewer, the “vibrating function will wake up anyone, I mean anyone”. You can slide the switch on the back of the alarm clock to adjust the brightness. In addition, you can switch the optional night light between seven different colors. It also has an optional audible alarm, which emits a buzz instead of a traditional ringing tone.

While there are similar models, few are designed as efficiently as this one – the nightlight button doubles as a snooze button, while the USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously. The clock comes with an AC power cord, but you can also back up the clock with two AAA batteries (which you can Buy here) so that your memory settings are automatically saved in the event of a power failure or if you need to move the clock to another outlet.

Promising Amazon review: “I like the options for alarm settings, audio, vibrate or both. Using the vibration function activates a silent alarm when you sleep with your partner. The display offers large numbers with dimming capability for the required brightness. USB charging ports provide convenience for charging the phone when you put it away for the evening. Overall, fantastic.

4. The best silent alarm clock for kids

Alarm type: Light

This LittleHippo alarm clock is available in four colors and was designed for toddlers. Thirty minutes before the wake-up time, the alarm clock lights up yellow; then, once it’s time to get up, the color turns green. The light can also double as a night light – although you can’t dim the night light when it’s on, you can choose from one of six colors. To snooze the alarm, kids just need to press the top of the clock.

It has a silent alarm setting, as well as three alarm sounds at five different volume levels. It comes with a USB charging cord and an adapter to plug it into a power outlet. Although it must be plugged in to work, the clock will save your memory settings for the next time you use it in the event of a power failure.

Promising Amazon review: “This clock is amazing! My child is learning to tell the time and is delighted! Plus the silent alarm is amazing on weekends! My son can tell the indicator light when he can get up, so he doesn’t have to come and ask a group if he can still stand.

5. The best portable sleep tracker with silent alarm clock

Alarm type: Vibrant

The Compact Fitbit Charge 4 has accumulated over 25,000 positive reviews on Amazon and is a super versatile device. Not only is it a GPS compatible fitness watch and tracker, it also has other sleep features like a silent vibrating alarm clock. Better yet, the connected watch can track the quality of your sleep and provide you with information about your sleep patterns that you can view in the corresponding mobile application. One fan wrote: “The sleep tracking has been hugely beneficial, as have the customizable alarms that wake you from a light sleep so it’s easier to get up in the morning.

This Fitbit comes in three colors, each including a charging cable and two band sizes. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option and could do without the clock face, consider setting your vibrating alarm to the Fitbit flex instead of.

Promising Amazon review: “I have really enjoyed this little device so far. It gives me a good overview of my sleep and activity, and is a good wake-up call that doesn’t bother anyone else.

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