The investment cost of the Avenida Hidalgo bus cycle lane is around 24 million pesos


Photo: Government of Guadalajara

Guadalajara Jalisco.

The bus-Avenue Hidalgo bike path will cost 25 million pesos almost, Officials assure that on the 3.72 km course they will see each other 48,000 people benefit from itwho at the same time Will reduce transfer time by 18 minutes.

With regard to road capacity, it is mentioned that, from 765 vehicles per lane and per hour, this translates into 3 thousand 442 people per hour on 3 lanesThe average occupancy of 1.5 passengers can exceed 15 trucks, in addition 4,500 cyclists will turn per hour Maximum capacity of Hidalgo Avenue with 4 vehicles: 4,590 people A V. Hidalgo with 3 vehicle lanes and 1 bicycle bus lane: 10,590 people.

Through an information sheet, the Government of Guadalajara informs that, with one-way lanes for the exclusive use of cyclists and public transport, “guarantees an equitable distribution of public space in response to the needs of the population”.

Also, that along the busbici lane it was indicated that will offer a special place for cyclistsMinimize contact with vehicles and reduce the risk of road accidents

“The goal is to reduce deaths and injuries to zero.”

The works will be executed by Obras Publicas de Guadalajara and the duration is estimated From August 22 to August 26, operations start from September 1.

The ace Actions envisaged in the intervention, installation of a rail Exclusive to public transport, non-motorized and emergency vehicles; Horizontal and vertical signage, speed control equipment, lighting along the pedestrian direction, rehabilitation of corners with universal access and placement of rubber traffic devices, pavements and crushing blocks.

As for the new elements considered, they are described as accessible corners, lighting along the pedestrian direction, vials (reflecting signs), folding bollards, separators, rubber speed bumps, vertical and horizontal panels.

The sale of buses takes place on Avenida Hidalgo, it has been noted that according to various studies, projects and programs, The conditions of the avenue correspond to the mobility model, with, among other aspects, two public transport routes.Powered by the Integrated Electric Train System (SITREN).

For more information, contact the Department of Mobility and Transportation of Guadalajara through the following means: Phone: 33322682982 And on social networks: on Facebook: Movilidad Gdl and on Twitter: @GdlMobility

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