We may have had some of that “June darkness” on Wednesday as the marine layer held up with only partial brightening in the late afternoon / evening. Vancouver’s 5pm high was only 77 degrees. It sounds like fun to use the word “only” after the excessive heat wave recently. Those 77 degrees are exactly the maximum average for the date – and the coldest daytime temperature since June 15.

Oh, what a relief to have our ocean breeze back with us. Today we will see more morning clouds rise late in the day.

On Friday we may have brief morning clouds, but the temperature will rise again, hovering around 90 degrees on Friday until Independence Day.

I don’t see a repeat of excessive heat anytime soon. I don’t see any rain coming towards us either.

We have a weak weather system moving north early next week, and hopefully our neighbors near the Canadian border could see light showers.

Some sad news from Oregon on Wednesday: I read that about 63 people have died from heat-related causes during this extreme heat. Most lived alone in housing without air conditioning. Authorities say the death toll could climb higher.

I haven’t read anything about the toll here in Washington, but I might have missed something.

When we have winter type storms like floods or windstorms we often hear about minor casualties. We don’t think about heat incidents. So sad.

If you had told me a few weeks ago that we would hit 115 degrees here in Vancouver, I would have been really skeptical.

I saw what the computer models predicted, and that’s exactly what happened. Many forecasters have struggled to put such high numbers in the forecast.

Enjoy the 4th of July weekend with warm to semi-warm weather, but not terribly hot.

We usually say summer starts on July 5th due to clouds, showers and cool weather in June. Not this year.

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