Football fans have said the Ivorian international would be a perfect fit for Mikel Arteta’s men

Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha would be a good signing for Arsenal, majority say Goal readers.

After a disappointing outing in the season just ended, Gunners coach Mikel Arteta is set to strengthen his squad ahead of the 2021-22 campaign.

As many expect, the Gunners could head for the 28-year-old winger.

Following Seye Omidiora’s article on Zaha at Arsenal: Would the Crystal Palace striker really be a good candidate? Goal conducted a Twitter poll to ask if the Ivorian international would be a good signing for the north London team.

A whopping 72.5% of the total votes believe Zaha would be a good signing for the 13 kings in the English league.

On the other hand, 27.5% think the opposite. And as such, the former Manchester United player is expected to stay with the Eagles or look elsewhere.

Zaha Arsenal

Zaha was reportedly valued at around £ 80million ($ 102million) when Arsenal sued him two summers ago.

However, his former manager Roy Hodgson has admitted the African star “would like to move away” from Crystal Palace as the player remains eager to “find new pasture” after being denied a transfer two years ago.

“That’s the $ 64,000 question, isn’t it?” But it’s not just Wilf Zaha – there are players at every club that fall into this category, ”Hodgson told the media.

“Wilf has made it clear, since I really came to the club, that he would appreciate a move and would like to move on and find new pastures.

“But he’s a very valuable player and the club realizes his value and appreciates his value and so really everything will depend, I guess – as it always is – [on] what kind of offers is the club going to receive for him and how they will equate that to the need to keep him or the need, perhaps, to fulfill his wishes, and to allow him to leave after having rendered good service at the club for a period of time.

“Frankly, I don’t have an answer to that question, it will be, I guess, to see what happens.”

The Ivorian returned to Palace for a second stint in 2015 after an ill-fated three-year stint at Old Trafford, and has since recreated his hampered reputation by becoming one of the most effective offensive players outside the top six.

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